Our Diverse Client Experience




"Karrie listened to what we had to say and really appreciated our needs. She was flexible in her approach to our particular situation and was able to adjust her approach to best respond to us. Her focus on our priorities coupled with her experience and knowledge let to a successful engagement for us."

-SVP HR, Healthcare Organization

“When looking for a coach, I wanted someone who is willing to tell me areas I need to improve in and not just pat me on the back and say "good job... Keep doing what you have been doing".  Karrie is someone who spent the time listening to me and getting to know who I am and what my leadership strengths and weaknesses are, and she proactively reached out to me to help me improve.  She encouraged me to come to many of the conclusions and answers myself, but she was very helpful in giving ideas of actionable items to work on each week.  I have grown a lot and will continue to improve because of the help I got from Karrie.”

-Erik Roe, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

"Karrie has been instrumental in my development as a leader in my company.  She has the ability to bring out the best in me through our thought-provoking conversations.  I never fully knew or appreciated the confidence in myself and leadership qualities I had until Karrie helped me see for myself what I am capable of accomplishing. I'll continue to call on her for guidance as I progress throughout my career."

-Adam Ireton, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“Executives and high performers know that coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive change and better-than-average odds of success. Coaching follow-up ensures that the changes stick for the long term. Karrie's coaching encompassed both positive change and reinforcement to create a bigger, better & more full filling business.”

-Jenna Short, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

"Karrie's experience and foresight have been an invaluable contribution to my analysis of where I stand as a leader today and where I can go from here. It's rarely possible to clearly assess oneself, but it is also rare to find someone to assist you in doing so with such clarity, speed and wisdom. I learned much about myself and what I must do from here. Thank you, Karrie!”

-Mitch Rivers, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“I had the pleasure to work with Karrie following one of my firms Leadership Development courses and felt her feedback was candid and spot on.  Her guidance over the next few months was focused on helping me recognize key development opportunities, followed by specific steps to consider taking to further development myself in these areas.  I appreciated her focus on the root of my greatest opportunities and how she helped me open my mind to see the larger opportunities in front of me."

                               - Matt Harris, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

"Karrie was easy to have an open candid discussion about my personal development.  She took the time to discuss my strengths and room for opportunity to develop which ultimately will assist me in growing as a leader at our firm.  Karrie provided many resources that I will pass onto other leaders to help them develop.  I really appreciate the tailored approach Karrie took in my development at Edward Jones. Lastly, not only will it assist me as a leader, but also help in leading in my community, serving my clients and family!" 

- Financial Advisor, Regional Leader & General Partner, Edward Jones

"Karrie brought great talent and experiences to our team. She immediately added value and is a pleasure to work with. We view her as a member of our core team."

-SVP HR, Energy Company

“I've had the privilege of using Karrie as an executive coach.  Her deep understanding of leadership development and assessment along with passion for her work is a powerful combination that gets results!  She has helped me accelerate results with confidence.  Her feedback and analysis were stellar.” 

-Financial Advisor- Regional Leader, Financial Services

"Karrie Carlin is simply one of the folks 'you'd pick for your team', regardless of how few picks you've got – she's that good at whatever she takes on. Her balance of intensity and kindness – possessing both in spades, is a privilege to work with."

-Leadership Development Executive, Financial Services

"Diana and I have worked on several projects together for Novo Nordisk, a strategic account for Knowledge Infusion. During this time, Diana has played a key role in shaping the company's Strategic Staffing strategy, and in turn, ensuring the successful execution of several projects. In addition to her knowledge of talent management and attention to detail, one of Diana's greatest assets is her ability to foster teamwork. I would recommend her for any position that requires a high level of domain expertise and where building business relationships is key."

-Manager, Employee Sourcing


"Business professionals desiring to maximize efficiency and sharpen their skills should look no further than Karrie Carlin. Her ability to quickly and effectively draw the best out of people and breathe life into what makes them effective leaders is what helped me to excel in not only my leadership and organizational skills but also at the bottom line. Time incredibly well spent!"

-Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

"I couldn't have been more impressed by Karrie's professionalism, instinct and passion for what she does.  With many things on our plate to address, Karrie's ability to prioritize key issues relative to our needs was incredibly valuable.  Not only did Karrie identify the most important issues, she did so very quickly, which enabled us to be most efficient with our time.  I would highly recommend Karrie, knowing that her experience and expertise can effectively tackle a myriad of topics."

-Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

"I had the opportunity to work with Karrie one on one. It was one of the most influential and enjoyable experiences I've had. Karrie was able to help me see my opportunities for improvement and guide me in the right direction. She helped me realize the confidence I should have in myself. The most important thing she was able to do was help me learn to connect with others on a deeper level in a professional setting."

-J.P. Perry, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


"Diana was very client focused, worked hard to understand our needs and ensure that we had the best possible solution despite some very aggressive timelines. As a project manager, she worked diligently behind the scenes to keep everything moving forward in an efficient and productive manner. She was professional, personable and brought great experience and access to Knowledge Infusion's brain trust to the engagement."

-Partner, Global Information Technology Company 

“I just wanted you know how helpful I have found my coaching sessions with Karrie. I really did not know what to expect after having a different coach last year. I have found Karrie to be extremely helpful to me, not so much in skill improvements, but rather on how I should approach issues or projects. She really is good. I honestly look forward to each meeting and continuing where we left off the last time. I’m doing things with my team that I am sure I would not have done without her help and guidance. I know this is a significant investment in time and funds for our business and I truly do not take it for granted. I’m sure it is helping my performance and my team.”

- Director of Operations, Manufacturing Industry

“I felt extremely comfortable being candid with Karrie about my challenges as a leader and in asking for feedback on how I could improve.  She demonstrated her deep knowledge in leadership development, and I felt confidence in the insights she observed and the resources she provided.  She was thoughtful in the development plan that she worked with me to create and held me accountable to ensure I followed through.  Through my work with Karrie, I feel like I've become a better leader, and a better person which has added value to my personal life and family.

-Financial Advisor & General Partner, Edward Jones

“Over the course of our time together, Karrie was able to help me focus on my leadership development opportunities as well as help me realize and hone my strengths. She helped me become more efficient with my time, and more importantly to me, fin my confidence.”

- Steve Harding, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones   

“It is rare that you find someone who can convey the theoretical qualities of leadership and pair that with what can be done in a real world situation. Karrie understands what actually works in the structure of a large organization. Coaching an individual to function within that framework is rare and she delivers it extremely well. I was fortunate to work with Karrie in a coaching role for six months. We covered areas of assessment, strategies to work on, areas for improvement, and how to navigate all of this while running a business. She provided the perfect mix of guidance, positive reinforcement, challenging me where needed, and all while remaining a consummate professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”    

-John Fieberg, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

"I had the privilege of working with Karrie one on one.  I enjoyed our conversations as she has a unique ability to help me recognize development opportunities and provide immediate feedback tailored to my personality.  I appreciate her passion and her encouragement in my continued development and I look forward to implementing some of the strategies we discussed. "

-Brent Peterson, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“Karrie's talent and passion for how she helps leaders develop was clear from the first few moments of meeting her. She was able to help me personalize a path to break through my barriers and gave me the confidence and clarity to truly make a difference in my development.”

-Crystal Starkey, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“Karrie was an exceptional leadership coach.  She took the time to get to know me, my leadership style, strengths, and opportunities.  Then, she asked great questions to help guide me. She gave feedback and advice that helped me become a stronger leader.  Karrie is an outstanding coach who will help you become a better person and leader.”

-Chris Nelson, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones